So she's the girl who hates boring word choice, center alignment and bad grammar...
You have the right idea, but I'm actually just Gracie. I'm a 22 year old Virginia-based copywriter who recently graduated from the Creative Ad program @ VCU and specializes primarily in digital campaigns and social content. Right now, I'm freelancing and working as a paralegal while I job-search (yes, you can hire me!) and navigate the vast unknown that is post-grad life. I do have days off, don't worry. On those days you can find me roller skating around the city, listening to my favorite tunes, deep-diving on the Internet for the latest news in pop-culture, and trying (tirelessly) to keep up with TikTok trends.
I am enthralled by the creative process, and I welcome it. I love concepting, reworking, fiddling with the details, and starting fresh when it's all over. I'm not afraid to try something I've never done before or ask questions, because I want to learn and experience as much as I can. 
And I'm doing it constantly! 
But like I said, I'm just Gracie.